We market. We design. We innovate. We amaze. We are an independent media business that looks beyond the norm and considers all options for creative production and distribution of programming content, and a range of media. Applying decades of experience in broadcasting and high end media, our team patiently researches your need, considers positioning and programming options, pursues standard and creative solutions to marketing and multi-platform and multi-tiered distribution with extended reach for content.  

Mampre Media International, LLC has a proven tract record of over 30 years in TV and radio broadcast programming, production, distribution and syndication including live broadcast national and international events with a range of outlets from major networks, cable networks to network affiliate station clearences. We have even trained big name talent for television.

To viewers, Mampre Media International offers streamed content. Watch short form and long form, hours, half hours, to quarter hours as well as minutes and seconds of content available to be viewed free, no subscription, to viewers world-wide.


To Producers, we offer a full range of media options. We work with producers and offer to viewers the best programming in a wide range of genres.


TV, Radio, Media Syndication, Distribution, Production, Consulting, Packaging, Marketing - Domestic and International

Mampre Media International, LLC